Spracklin enterprise limited


成立 1968


加拿大, 括纽芬兰及拉&#, , 72 main street, p.o. box 10


Spracklin enterprises limited has existed over 40 years. We are a logging company out of Newfoundland, Canada looking to export a large quantity of pulpwood logs(spruce and fir) by the bulk to the European market. We have exported pulpwood logs in the 60's, 70's and early 80's. We are currently looking to renew our exporting permit and export 350 to 400 truck loads, every 3 months.

We have a high quantity of pulpwood available to us. We are looking for a reliable company to import our product for a continuing supply of pulpwood, plus a small supply of mulch, if interested. If you could kindly inform us about the quantity you require, we could immediately get the ball rolling.