Störi Mantel s.r.o.


成立 1995


捷克斯洛伐克&# 75651, Zašová, Zašová 439


The Czech-Swiss manufacturing company Störi Mantel s.r.o. has been in operation in the field of development, production and sales of woodworking machines on the Czech market since 1995.

In its own production plant in Roznov pod Radhostem, the company follows the experiences and tradition of the Swiss company Störi & Co, which was founded by Mr. Fritz Störi, Sr. in 1947. The main production program of the newly established company followed the previous production of the long cut saw with floating aggregate.

The production gradually expanded thanks to the precise design and production processing and the high quality of the products which also led to the development of new machines and equipment (automatic cross-cut saws, optimizing cross-cut saws, complete technology for palette production and other technological lines not only for woodworking industry).

The Störi Mantel Company does not only focus on the production of woodworking machines, but it also offers consultant services to its customers related to complete supply of the required technological units for massive wood production. To reach this goal we founded the Bohemia Line group in 2003 that unites four prominent Czech producers of woodworking machines. The main goal is to provide customers with integrated technology for massive wood processing by linking the production programs of the individual subjects.

The production plant occupies an area of 3000 m2 and the company currently employs about 50 employees with its own design and development department.

The company is a leader in its production field on the domestic market and it represents the largest domestic producer and exporter in the field of single-plate ripsaws.