System TM A/S


成立 1977


丹麦 8300, Odder, Skovdalsvej 35


The headquarters of System TM is placed in Odder, Denmark and consists of 8,000 square meter administration offices, production and assembly facilities.

Today System TM employs approximately 100 highly qualified employees. System TM specializes in optimizing system solutions to the solid wood industry and is one of the largest suppliers in the world.

Our competencies cover everything from line design, installation, commissioning and staff training, to service and maintenance.

We have a strong network of sub contracting companies producing machine parts based on System TM designs, and our production area therefore consists mainly of assembly and testing.

All machines from System TM are assembled and tested at our premises according to our customer’s wishes.

Through the latest technology, a unique project organization, and a big focus on close co-operation with our customers, we match any specific need through optimization of your staff and wood resources.