TD Betokam


成立 2005


俄罗斯 614068, 彼尔姆, Perm, Lenina 69-1


The geography of deliveries BETOKAM

Covers all regions of Russia, including the most distant - from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin. Today the company produces more than 30% of reinforced concrete structures manufactured by the factories of Perm and the region, and their region now has more than twenty. Plant area - 20 hectares, and production capacity - 180 thousand m3 of concrete per year. The biggest consumers of the BETOKAM - OAO Russian Railways, the oil and gas companies, companies of RAO UES of Russia, construction companies, etc. Developed and exports. BETOKAM belongs to Russia's first ever export order for supply of concrete (foundations contact network for railways in Turkey, 1993). Today, products of the company is in great demand in the CIS countries. BETOKAM products can be found at many national and regional construction projects.