TD «Elitis»


成立 2011


俄罗斯 121087, 莫斯科, Barklaya d.6 str5


LLC "Elytis" - a dynamic manufacturer of elite finishing materials from alder, unique in its properties and appearance. Black alder is also called Russian mahogany for its characteristics, similar to the elite tree species used in the decoration of luxury.

LLC "Elytis" is the parent company of the same name of the Group companies, carrying out logging, wood processing, manufacturing lumber, their delivery, both in Russia and abroad. The company, existing on the "forest" the market for about 6 years old, managed to take a significant place among the other organizations of this trend, inviting partners to a successful, competitive undeniable combination of professionalism, expertise and advanced technology.

The constant introduction of new technologies and upgrade allows business successfully. Currently, the Group of Companies "Elytis" besides LLC "Elytis", Smolensk, represented by OOO "TD" Elytis ", Moscow (promotion of products on the market of Russia, CIS and foreign countries), Moscow, and PE" Belrosalder ", Minsk, Belarus (blank with your own logging equipment and supply of timber, in particular, black alder) for the needs of its own production in the city of Smolensk.

Production capacity of the Civil Elytis in Smolensk now allow stably produce up to 1,500 cubic meters of finished products per year in compliance with the existing high standards of quality in a wide range. Quality of products of LLC "Elytis" highly appreciated by large consumers in Finland, Germany and the Baltic countries.

Since July, 2011. company has started a massive project to renovate its wood production that provides the construction of a new shop, purchase and lease purchase of the most modern machines, drying facilities and equipment from leading manufacturers. Upon completion of the modernization process carried out without interrupting current production, production volume will exceed 10,000 cubic meters per year.