Trading house the Factory of Large Electric Machines


成立 2001


俄罗斯 198206, 圣彼得堡, ul.Pionerstroya, d.23 B


Manufacture and realization:

- Asynchronous electric motors in a power range from 75 kw up to 2000 kw;

- Synchronous electric motors in a power range from 315 kw up to 10000 kw;

Asynchronous electric motors of hardened, common industrial, sea and tropical execution(performance) in a power range from 0,75 kw up to 160 kw

- Generators for work in structure of diesel engines - generators and wind-driven generators

- Electric machines of a direct current

- Systems of excitation, smooth start-up and frequency regulation

- Complete sets of the equipment of control systems and regulations for modernization of systems of excitation such as КОСУР

- Automatic regulators of excitation of strong action