TKM TTT Finland Oy




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TKM TTT Finland Oy is one of the leading manufacturers of high-

quality customized cutting tools, wear parts and related services for the woodworking industry. Leading end-users around the world in the

sawmill, pulp, plywood and veneer industries, along with major OEMs,

have relied on TTT solutions for over 50 years. TTT's cutting tools are annually used worldwide in around 35 countries.

TTT produces cutting tools for all machine types, makes and models.

TTT's main products include chipper and flaker knives and wear parts

for chippers, circular saw blades for cross cutting and ripping, knives for plywood lathe and veneer slicer, and hard-coated machine components.

TTT is located in Finland, one of the global leaders in the forest industry. TTT's state-of-the-art plant in Akaa/Toijala is equipped with modern heat treatment systems and CNC machinery. Quality is assured through a certified ISO 9001 Quality System since 1993.

The company's products are marketed under TTT trademark. The triple T emblem is well recognized and associated with reliability and individuality and it has become a symbol of quality and know-how for products and services which must deliver absolute performance even in the most extreme conditions. TTT trademark is an essential part of our Tailored by TTT brand.

From September 2005 the company has been integrated into the TKM Group.