成立 2008


俄罗斯 125466, 莫斯科, ul. Rodionovskaya, d. 2, k.1, ofis 4


Our company is uniquely positioned in the export/import timber trade market to offer our clients a blend of internal Russian knowledge, relationships and expertise as well as a strong presence and visibility in the Western markets of Northern Europe, Mediterranean and USA.

We specialise in a range of timber sheet products ranging from OSB to MDF and laminated chipboard. Our specialist team of buyers is involved in importing North American OSB into Russian market, sourcing Russian birch plywood in a variety of formats, hardboard, chipboard and other sheet materials both for internal and external markets. Our sales people are both English and Russian speaking and are able to advice on current market trends, best sources of product and as always very keen prices!

Our company is linked to our subsidiary specialist logistics firm in Kaliningrad that is serving our needs in importing OSB and offering a range of export services for timber related products as well as temporary storage facilities, outstanding delivery capabilities and a whole host of other services.