Tehnologii informatsii i dannyhk


成立 2010


俄罗斯 115516, 莫斯科, Promishlennaya d.11


IDTS company offers a wide range of services for IT-support and development of your organization. Our company provides services in the field of IT-outsourcing.

This type of cooperation is beneficial in that for a nominal fee your company sends all the worries associated with the support and development of IT-infrastructure to us.

Nowadays, information plays a key role in the business processes of the enterprise. IT-infrastructure is an integral component of the business and therefore requires some attention, and related costs. We care about the safety of your information is safe and effective use of your information resources, while reducing your maintenance costs of IT-infrastructure. Our experience allows us to cope with almost all the possible problems and challenges faced by small and medium enterprises in terms of functioning and development of IT-infrastructure.

The contract provides advice-user installation, configuration and support of various software on workstations and servers.

We are also open for occasional work.