The Chamber of commerce and industry of Tyumen Region


成立 1992


俄罗斯 625019, 秋明, Tyumen, 211 «А» Republic St.


The Chamber of commerce and industry of Tyumen Region (CCI TR) was established by the Tyumen business interests on October, 22, 1992 to assist the economic development of the Tyumen territory, formation of modern industry, financial and trade infrastructure, creation of favorable conditions for enterpreneurs activities, regulation of enterprises relationship between enterprises and their social partners, development of different kinds of business, establishment of trade, economic, scientific and tehnical relations between local companies and national or foreign partners, creation of favorable investment conditions,attraction of foreign direct private and public investment and their effective use.

CCI TP is an independent non-profit organization. It represents and safeguards its members' interests.

The Chamber provides its members with the complex of legal, information and other services, which are essential for successful business activity.