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Transfesa is an integrated Logistics operator specialising in freight transport, storage and distribution as well as direct merchandise supply to production plants located throughout the European continent.

The company´s main activities are geared not only towards major clients that require specific logistics solutions such as the Automotive sector and other Industrial good sectors but also towards relatively small clients.

The Transfesa Group, throughout its 59 years of experience, has achieved the highest level of specialisation in the areas of logistics and freight transport consolidation, classification, loading operations, pick ups and distribution as well as the supplying of goods to industrial plants throughout the entire European continent.Transfesa has offices throughout Europe, various delegations in Spain, a rolling stock fleet of 7600 wagons with interchangeable axles, 1900 swapbodies, over 400 trucks and trailers, consolidation centres, warehouses and a modern information system.

Transfesa´s I.T. system is specifically tailored to monitor and track Transfesa´s consignment movements 24 hours a day, deliver B2B, and provide EDI and online connections with Europe´s railway administrations.

The company also has a human team prepared to provide the necessary innovations to solve the industry´s logistics needs. In essence, we are prepared to solve all your logistics needs.