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Сompany \"UNISAW\" is situated in Moscow. We are producers and exporters fresh sawn timber produced from mainly Siberian larch and also from spruce, pine logs and we supply most European countries, Our Sawmill is situated in a town called Navly in Briansk region, near Russian – Ukraine boarder.The factory is equipped with German machinery (Frame Saw). We aer capable of producing different-quality fresh sawn timber to a volume of 800 m3 per month.

Products available: Fresh cut (in stick) sawn timber for buyers\' various uses.

Sawing dimensions: Our factory mainly specialises in producing larch wood sawngoods with most common dimensions for European countries. Also, we can produce sawngoods with dimensions according to our customers\' special requirements.

If you are interested in such product please contact me by e-mail. Also, please inform us the specification your require.

Also we have got a large stock of larch saw logs and pine saw logs which we export to European countries.

We would be pleased to hear from your that you are interested in products with the view to developing a mutually beneficial commercial relationship. Perhaps there are some points that our letter did not make clear. If so please let us know and we will gladly supply any additional information you want.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.