The State Joint-Stock Foreign Trade Company “Uzprommashimpeks”


成立 1991


乌兹别克斯坦 100077, Tashkent, pr.Mustakillik 107


The State Joint-Stock Foreign Trade Company “Uzprommashimpeks” has begun its activity in January 1st, 1991 and operating in system of Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The company specialized in export of industrial and agricultural products, cotton-fibre and, as well as, in import of the different kind of techniques, technological equipment and other goods. Company’s annual turnover is nearly 500 mln USD and the geography of trade activity comprises more than 35 countries.

The State Joint-Stock Foreign Trade Company “Uzprommashimpeks” is able to offer to the interested foreign companies the wide spectrum of high-quality products, made by the national producers: agricultural equipment, metal milling, cathodic cooper, cable-wire products, construction materials, technical fabrics, ready textile products, knitted cloth, cotton yarn, cotton-fibre, wheat, fresh and tinned fruit- and-vegetable products in wide assortment, dried fruit and vegetables and others.

The company, during its activity process, successfully cooperates with the foreign companies and firms, leading banks and international financial institutions and also with the domestic enterprises-manufacturers of export-oriented products in realization of their goods and services to the foreign partner-consumers.

The State Joint-Stock Foreign Trade Company “Uzprommashimpeks” invests its resources in creation of enterprises, which successfully operate in the domestic and world markets, including: Uzintertek Testing Services” (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), “UzExim” (Moscow, Russia), “Mashprominvest” (Kiev, Ukraine), “Urgut Golden” LLC and “SamGreyp” (Samarkand area, Uzbekistan).

The company “Uzprommashimpeks” owns 7 regional cotton terminals in the areas of the republic, carrying out the acceptance, storage, discharging and shipment of cotton-fibre for export and domestic customers. Total simultaneous storage volume of cotton terminals is more than 100 thousand tons.

SJSC “Uzprommashimpeks” annually exports about 300 000 tons of cotton-fibre and at present time is one of the biggest cotton-fibre exporters to the far and near abroad countries.

Owing to presence of highly skilled personnel having big experience in international trade and foremost information technology, the company “Uzprommashimpeks” is able to act as the connecting link in establishing of long-term business contacts between the foreign companies and enterprises-manufacturers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The close links with the enterprises-manufacturers, producing of export-oriented products, implementation of investment policy directed to development of industrial and agricultural production, offering to the foreign partners of high-quality certified products with profitable prices and delivery terms, and as well as, the company’s philosophy based on maintenance of high standards in relations with the partners, protection of economic interests of the partners and shareholders, development of new directions of foreign economic relations, using of the modern methods and principles of business dealing - is a guarantee of successful cooperation with our company for the benefit of your company’s prosperity.