成立 2009


俄罗斯 620024, 斯维尔德洛夫&#, Ekaterinburg, Mamina Sebiryaka, 101 VZ ManshEtteN of.3.120


The company "UralBroker" - a team of professional negotiators, business brokers, lawyers, accountants. The company's specialists have successful experience in carrying out transactions involving the sale of objects of different businesses and commercial real estate.

Our job is to provide quality services in the market selling businesses and commercial real estate in Russia and abroad.

The principles of our work:


2.Professionalnaya competence.

3.Otvetstvennost at each stage of sale of the

4.Rabota the result

5.Individualny approach to each client, facility sale

The competitive advantage of companies' UralBroker "is its own active sales department. This means that that the sale of your property will be drawn up a special advertising campaign, and will be determined by the number of potential buyers of the object, and to each customer or the person making the decision must call our specialist. As a result of cold calling becomes clear who are interested in your property and how to move further in the sales of each individual object.


Director General of OOO "UralBroker"

Mazurak Alexander