Ust-Izhorskiy Plywood Mill


成立 1910


俄罗斯 196643, 圣彼得堡, p.Pontonny. Ulitsa Fanernaya 5


Open Joint Stock Company "Ust-Izhora plywood mill."

UIFK founded in 1910. The first owner of the plant began production engineer VL Horvath.

1935 - after the reconstruction of the plant became one of the largest state-owned plywood mills in the USSR.

1949 - hosted the first export shipment.

1951 - the plant was rebuilt to reach pre-war production levels.

Plywood made ​​by UIFK, was used in the construction of the hotel "Russia" and the Palace of Congresses in Moscow Kremlin Concert Hall "October" in St. Petersburg, all of Petersburg metro stations and metro stations in other cities around the world.

1997 - UIFK joined the group "Sveza."

The plant has an international certification: FSC COC, ISO, EN (CE-mark), BFU-100.


* WBP plywood 5x10

* 5x10 laminated plywood

* 4x8 plywood WBP

* Plywood 4x8 laminated

Production capacity for plywood - 100 000 m3 per year.

The offered products / services:

WBP plywood 5x10

5x10 laminated plywood

4x8 plywood WBP

4x8 laminated plywood