All-Russia Institute of Continuous Education in Forestry


成立 1974


俄罗斯 141200, 莫斯科地区, Pushkino, ul. Institutskaya, 17


- professional training and extension for federal officials in “State building and management”;

- professional training and extension for chief officials and specialists from territorial forestry authorities under the program “State Forest Management”;

- professional training and extension for specialists under the program “ Pilot-Watcher of Air Forest Protection”;

- extension for foreign specialists in state forest management and forest legislation in Russian Federation;

- training seminars and extension for russian specialists abroad ( at Customer’s expense);

- research in staff policy in forestry, evaluation of forest resources and payments for their use, forest legislation, forest protection and conservation , environment and nature use;

- provide consultation and information for state forestry authorities and educational institutions under the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation;

- publication and sales of training literature and commercials;

Education in the Institute results in issuence of state documents; a diploma after professional training and a certificate after extension.