成立 2009


白俄罗斯 220004, Minsk, Klary Tcetkin str. 8 - 26


Private Commercial Unitary Enterprise «ViraTehnoStroi» has its own production of processed forest products, railway sleepers, wood poles (posts), impregnated and cylinder wood. We are pleased to offer and are ready to supply the following materials:

1. Trimmed sawn timber of coniferous (pine tree, fir-tree) and leafed

(birch, alder, oak, aspen) species with the following dimensions:

Thickness between 17 and 150 mm, width between 80 and 250 mm and length between 1000 and 6000 mm.

2. Cylinder wood of coniferous and leafed species with the following


Diameter between 45 and 200 mm, length between 800 and 6000 mm

Note: following the Client's order products can be impregnated with antiseptics of European standard Tanalith-E as well as others.

3. Railway sleepers, wood poles (posts) made to dimensions, ordered by

the Client, impregnated with oil-born wood preservative using autoclave

method. Impregnation is made with shale oil, manufactured by VKG OIL AS

from Estonia.