Vakaru Mediena Torso


成立 2002


立陶宛 147, Palanga, Medvalakio st. 53


We are a small yet hard-working, reliable and experienced Lithuanian company. We produce over 4,500 various types of doors of various types each month, exporting 95 per cent of our production. Our wooden doors are found in private homes, flats, farmsteads, summer houses, offices and public buildings in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, United Kingdom and other countries.

TORSO doors are produced from high-quality wood, using modern wood processing technologies. At present, we offer over 20 types of panelled internal doors made from the most popular pine, oak, birch, black alder and beech wood. Our reliable classical or modern style dyed or natural colour wooden doors are made to last. Our prices will also pleasantly surprise you.

We produce classical (Classic and Elegance) and modern (so-called TREND) style doors.