Van Hoorebeke Timber


Franz Van Hoorebeke




比利时 9000
Gent, Kluizensesteenweg

50 000 000 EUR (欧元)
200 thousand cubic meters

As a timber importer, our job consists of keeping a wide range of products available for our customers at the current market conditions and prices.

van Hoorebeke does this in an open and honest way, by supplying the customer with accurate information on its goods on the one hand, and on the market situation on the other hand. In order to be able to efficiently supply the market, van Hoorebeke owns a storage facility in Boom, and another in Ghent (Kluizendok).

An important criterion for the selection of these two locations was the accessibility for our customers and suppliers.

The majority of the stock in Ghent consists of pinewood from Russia and Scandinavia. Canadian and American pinewood is also stored and traded in Ghent. Our storage facility in Boom is primarily used for storing tropical wood from Southeast Asia, Brazil and Africa.

In Ghent, the timber arrives by ship or truck and is immediately unloaded into the warehouse.

In Antwerp or Vlissingen, shipments are unloaded and immediately transferred to our storage facility in Boom, with the exception of the shipments which were sold by direct transfer of goods via the wharf. Upon arrival of the various shipments, a quality check is conducted allowing us to soundly assess and describe the batch. We strive to offer maximum service both in our storage facilities and in the office.

In order to gain as much insight as possible into the worldwide timber industry, van Hoorebeke entertains the very best of international relations. We sell mostly to Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Scandinavia, Spain, and Portugal.

van Hoorebeke is also specialized in two quality products of panels: OSB and MDF. Throughout the year we can ensure our customers a constant supply. Either directly from the factory to the customer, either from our warehouse in Boom.


van Hoorebeke is aimed at the professional user and the timber market.

Market share

The market share of van Hoorebeke in Belgian timber import is 25% for sawn timber.

Softwood is brought in from Russia, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, the United States, Canada, and Honduras.

Hardwood is imported from Southeast Asia, Brazil, and Africa.

van Hoorebeke is continuously striving to increase the percentage of certified timber.

Sales area

van Hoorebeke distributes its products onto the Belgian and European markets.


  • 圓木,鋸材,單板
    • 软木材
      • 木料
        • 浸渍木
      • 集成材,指接材
        • 結構木材,手指加入了木材(KVH)
        • 鐸層壓梁
        • 三重奏層壓梁
        • 直膠合木樑
        • 彎曲膠合木樑
        • 梁模板
        • 交叉层压木材 (CLT)
        • 夹心板
  • 木製板
    • 人造板
      • 定向刨花板(OSB)
      • 中密度纖維板(MDF)


  • 圓木,鋸材,單板
    • 软木材
      • 圓木
        • 鋸日誌