Innovation Technologies of Individual House Building


成立 2003


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We are Russian building and manufacturing company Innovation Technologies of Individual House Building. We want to suggest you the new opportunities:

We provide:

1. The new technology of building the wooden houses.

2. The low price of the softwood(pine, larch, abies, spruce) of a high quality for construction.Our technology helps to make the maximum width of wall 260mm and to economize from 15-30% the building material in comparison to simple construction of logs. Some advantages of our technology: the house which is built in a such way does not need a shrinkage; there is no need to use the additional fastening of the beams with the dowel pins; this method protects the timber from the process of fissuring, warping and twisting. It is possible to install(assemble) the prefabricated element(construction) at the building place(site) in 3-4 days like the meccano. We supply the squared beams with a dry dowel for the construction We are searching for the business partners, the distributors, buyers. Web page :

And the photos of the house of the building process you may see at our temporary web page:

Hope for win-win cooperation.

Yours Faithfully,

The General director of ITIS" ltd

Sychev Vladimir

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