Woodwork Technologies LLC




美国 95842, 加利福尼亚, Sacramento, 5325 Elkhorn Blvd. # 8215


Our company specializes in the following fields:

ENGINEERING AND DESIGN. We share our broad experience and provide engineering and design services in different fields from developing cutting tools for woodworking machines and designing wooden houses to developing megaprojects and business plans for woodworking enterprises.

CONSTRUCTION. We are glad to offer you equipment with all the necessary parameters and characteristics especially selected to fit your requirements (stipulated at the moment of ordering). Right now the main types of equipment we are eager to construct and adapt to your needs and requests are the following:

drying chambers for drying various types of timber

woodworking machines for sawing circular timber

self-contained energy sources: wind farms, water power farms, power stations with internal-combustion engine

PRODUCTION. Our company offers the following custom-build items:

Equipment for woodworking and related fields:

sawing equipment and cutting tools - saws and knives for sawing and cutting

drying chambers for different types of timber

self-contained energy sources

various testing equipment for woodworking factories.

Wide range of building materials or wooden articles:

component parts of wooden houses - building modules

sawtimber of different types

profile timber products



other items

MANUFACTURING. We manufacture wooden furniture casings and wooden images created in the technique of intarsia.

CONSULTING. Our company has developed multiple technologies, project and engineering solutions, technical documents. We are experienced in finding and applications these solutions to practice in woodworking and machine-building industries. All these factors enable us to provide consulting in every field of our business. We are ready to offer you technical and reference books in woodworking (in printed version and on CD). In our reviews we list all the current events in woodworking and other fields of our business. If you subscribe to our newsletter/eZine you will receive all kinds of useful information about the services our company provides.