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EcoZAP 33 WhiteWood

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EcoZAP 33 WhiteWood

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EcoZAP-33 WhiteWood - professional bleach for quick and deep whitening, disinfection and restoration of wood ( i.e. old oak) and mineral surfaces that darkened as a result of external factors. Eliminates the effects of all kinds of bio-damages (fungus, mould, etc.), atmospheric factors, and UV rays both new and old. Deep- clearing formula returns the natural look of the surface - the visible effect after 7 minutes. Does not change the surface structure. No toxic compounds - treated wood is safe for use in food industry for storage and transporting of products. Type of surface (material) for processing: wood, building materials (plaster), masonry.

Types of wood to treat:
- newly sawn (above the shipping moisture content 18-30%);
- healthy wood (below the shipping moisture content 18-30%);
- damaged wood (mould, fungi, insects, etc.)

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