• Основана в 1967
  • Переработка хвойной древесины
  • 2.1 million m3 в год
  • Более 5000 сотрудников
  • Продукция

    Круглый лес и лесные земли
    • Аренда лесного участка
    • Лес на корню
    • Столярная доска
    Клееный брус и плиты
    • Двухслойный клеенный бруc
    • Трехслойный клеенный брус
    • Пиломатериалы для поддонов
    • Тарная доска
    • Натуральный шпон
    • Инженерный шпон
    • Фанера ФК
    Инженерные плиты
    • Плиты ДСП
    • Плиты MDF
    • Механическая древесная масса
    Деревянные кухонные принадлежности
    • Деревянные размешиватели для напитков
    • Доски разделочные деревянные

Место расположения Чили, Сантьяго, 150 El Golf Ave., 14th floor Las Condes

ARAUCO is a forestry company that was established 47 years ago to produce and manage renewable forest resources, and has become one of the largest forestry businesses in the world, not only in terms of forest surface and industrial facilities, but in terms of efficiency, production standards, innovation, environmental responsibility and social commitment as well.

Over the years, the company has maximized the value of its forest plantations by conducting ongoing research and applying global best practices regarding long-term sustainability, while at the same time, protecting the native forests, land and biodiversity present in its forestland, for future generations.

During the last few years, the company has taken significant steps towards the globalization of its operations, and has become one of the five major producers of forestry resources worldwide. Today, ARAUCO provides employment to over 13,000 people; the company maintains 30 production facilities in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, the United States and Canada, and a sales presence in over 80 countries.

ARAUCO uses renewable forest resources to develop products that are present in the lives of millions of people around the world, having a positive impact on their quality of life. The company aims to differentiate each product that is developed by applying innovation and added value.

ARAUCO’s products are sold in five continents through representatives, sales agents and sales offices established in twelve countries. This system is backed by efficient management of the logistics and distribution chain which includes transport, shipping, storage, foreign trade, distribution and service, delivering quality products to over 3,500 customers through 220 ports worldwide.