Longda Wooden Material Corporation Limited

Информация о компании

Мебельные щиты
Год создания 1998
от 200 до 500 сотрудников

Контактная информация

Китай 511300, Гуандун, Гуанчжоу, Dongjin Road, Xintang Town, Zengcheng District 8

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Дополнительная информация

Long Da Wooden Material Corporation Limited, well know as leading manufacturer for top of line of solid wooden products, located in the east of China. Since 1998, her capabilities and knowledge gained through 10 years of expertise have allowed her to dish out amazing craftsmanship. Long Da cover an area of 250,000 square merers, with 4 factories, 1200 professional workers. Among her top end range of wooden components, she has been creating components like solid wood panel, wooden finger joint panel, wooden edged glued panel etc. at high volume. Products sales in America, Canada, Middle-east, European union, Japan, Korea and other 30 Countries. All her products have been accessed as the ISO9002, ISO14001. For the good credit record, Banks named Longda Group corporation"AAA" grade credit enterprise.

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