Mello & Souza Ltda

Информация о компании

Агенты, брокеры
Год создания 1963
от 1 до 10 человек

Контактная информация

Бразилия 80020, Куритиба, Rua Marechal Dedodoro, 51 room 605-A

Дополнительная информация

WHO WE ARE - We are a brokerage firm, involved for the last 36 years in the export trade of natural products and timber and timber products in general.

OUR PRODUCTS - We handle 5 different lines of forest origin products, namely,

1. Medicinal plants and herbs, essential oils and botanical extracts

2. Wood charcoal and sawn timber

3. Veneer and plywood

4. Manufactured wooden products and home furniture

5. Garden wooden products and garden furniture

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