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Год создания 2012
от 1 до 10 человек

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Южная Корея 135752, Сеул, 102-1406 HyundaiAPT Myunmok7-dong Chungrang-gu Seoul Korea

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Dear sir.

My name is A.J. from South Korea. We are trading company, called Praud International.I have trading about wood product and building materials.

I work in this wood product market last 12years, and I can sourcing product, and I can sales to Korea local customer.

We Praud International have so many customer who can open L/C directly your company. I mean, Praud international is Agent company and based on commission.

We, Praud International is some European company and North American supplier exclusive agent in Korea market.

Also I interested in your wood product.

If you give me a chance, I can sales in Korea market and you can enter to Korea market.

My main item as below..

1. Glulam.

2. Sawn timber, pallet timber

3. Dimension lumber, Decking , panel, cladding, profiling product.

4. Interior and exterior item from wood product.

5. Solid EGP panel and Finger joint Glulaminated panel.

6. Thermo wood and other special wood product./ all kind wood product.

Wait for your reply.

Thank you

Best regard

Praud International



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