Pulp Mill Holding GmbH

Pulp Mill Holding GmbH


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Место расположения Австрия, Вена, Reihsratsstrasse 11

Pulp Mill Holding GmbH – is an Austrian-German group (headquarters in Vienna, Austria), which produces paper, cardboard and corrugated packaging at the manufacturing enterprises in Ukraine. The enterprises of the holding enterprises are among the industry leaders in production figures and finance results, and are one of the most modern in Europe.

In the investment sphere Pulp Mill Holding pays main attention to departments with maximum development potential – cardboard, paper of different types and corrugating cardboard production line (corrugated board – board packaging) . Strategic programs aimed at increasing the production competitiveness in the main directions are realized at Kiev CPM. The reduction of cost and product’s price together with increase of production volumes on account of economic raw materials consumption, non volatility by introduction of new ecological technologies: cooking, power – and water saving.