13 февраля 2017

International Woodfiber Resource and Trade Conference

International Woodfiber Resource and Trade Conference
13 февраля — 15 февраля 2017 г.
с 10:00, 13 февраля
по 18:00, 15 февраля
Дананг, Вьетнам
Da Nang, Vietnam, Furama Resort

Known by many long-term attendees as “The Woodchip Conference,” this unique conference is the only one that focuses on the international trade in woodchips and biomass, covering the entire supply chain from plantation forest through ocean transport and to overseas end-users. The past several conferences (Savannah in 2015, Chile in 2014, Turkey in 2013 and Singapore in 2011) attracted professionals who are actively involved in this trade from more than 30 different countries. From plantation owners to exporters, shippers, end users, timberland investors and wood pellet or woodchip producers, the conference provides an opportunity to network and to learn about geographic and industry sector trends.

Why attend?

Meet with forest owners, woodchip and pulplog suppliers and buyers from all over the world.

Gather information on investment and market opportunities from conference and field trips.

Get up to date with the most interesting topics related to wood fiber supply and demand.

Discuss which countries will be the major suppliers of woodchips and pulplogs of eucalyptus fiber.

Have a memorable time at the conference and field trips.


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