28 марта 2017

Montréal Wood Convention

Montréal Wood Convention
28 марта — 30 марта 2017 г.
с 10:00, 28 марта
по 18:00, 30 марта
Монреаль, Канада
Bonaventure Montréal
+418 650-6385, extension 312

The Montréal Wood Convention confirms its importance

The Montréal Wood Convention confirmed its importance as a crucial meeting place for the lumber industry during its 4th edition held last March 22 to 24. No fewer than 750 participants from Canada, the United States and overseas and more than 90 exhibitors took part.

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New this year: a seminar on US and international markets for hardwood that attracted nearly a hundred people on March 22. It was determined that demand remains strong and constant with opportunities in emerging markets. The Convention was officially opened Wednesday, March 23 in the morning with conferences on economics, markets and lumber marketing. According to the specialist Carl Grenier, the next Canada-US lumber agreement may be more restrictive than that of 2006. Professor Christian Dussart demonstrated that social medias represent a huge business potential and it is important not to underestimate them.

At lunch on March 23, Earle G. Hall, speaker and prolific writer and entrepreneur in advanced technology, offered a conference entitled "Science of Happiness." Based on his research in organizational psychology, he explained why happiness sells and how to apply and make profitable advanced concepts of happiness. Also, under the theme "Profitable Investments", the technical seminar on March 24 morning hosted the equipment and services leaders of the wood products industry who presented success stories.

The 5th edition of the Montréal Wood Convention will take place from March 28 to 30, 2017 at the Bonaventure Montréal.

Sylvain Labbé

President and CEO

Quebec Wood Export Bureau (QWEB)

André Tremblay

President and CEO

Québec Forest Industry Council

Kevin Merriam

Executive Director

Maritime Lumber Bureau

Jamie Lim

President and CEO

Ontario Forest Industries Association


Nathalie Houde

418 650-6385, extension 312

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