4 мая 2017

Morocco Wood

Morocco Wood
4 мая — 6 мая 2017 г.
с 10:00, 4 мая
по 18:00, 6 мая
Касабланка, Марокко
Касабланка, Морокко, Paradise Casablanca
ACI Events
+212 600 519 556

From stakeholders in the forestry chain to the industrial and traditional transformation of timber, industry, energy, construction, wood products, recycling, equipment and tools, R & D, training and Certification, trading and financing, Moroccowood will be a platform for promotion and business around the prospects of local and international development of the wooden domain in Morocco, know-how and technologies and innovations of the sector.

  Dedicated to professionals, the fair will bring together manufacturers, subcontractors, suppliers, buyers, experts and project promoters in Morocco, as well as operators from third countries partners or leaders in the sector, such as Finland, Sweden, Portugal, France, Gabon, Ivory Coast or Brazil ....


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