30 марта 2017

Salon Bois Energie

Salon Bois Energie
30 марта — 2 апреля 2017 г.
с 09:00, 30 марта
по 18:00, 2 апреля
Лимож, Франция
Boulevard Robert Schuman 87000 Limoges, France, Limoges Exhibition Park
+33 (0)3-84-86-89-30

The Salon Bois Energie brings together the most complete range of wood heating appliances, wood fuel types and wood fuel supply chains as can be found anywhere. Be it for heating your house, your business or for your local community Europe's brightest talents can be found exhibiting their expertise, experience and modern wood heating equipment.

The Salon is equally renowned as a launch pad for the latest innovations often focused on driving up energy efficiency, cleaner combustion, opening up design and improving ergonomics - all of which make wood energy today a lifestyle choice that makes economical sense, environmental sense as well as being quite simply, the nicest way to stay warm in winter !


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