5 июля 2017


INTRODUCING TTBois EXPO, THE NEW EXHIBITION ORGANIZED BY CEPRA AND FORUM 7 The new exhibition dedicated to technology for woodworking and furniture industry components will be held in Casablanca, Morocco, from 29 June to 2 July 2017.
5 июля — 8 июля 2017 г.
с 10:00, 5 июля
по 18:00, 8 июля
Касабланка, Марокко
Morocco, Casablanca, 11, rue Boukraa, Casablanca international fairgrounds
Cepra Centro Promozionale Acimall

TTBois Expo represents a valuable opportunity for international machinery and tools manufacturers, as well as for suppliers of components and semi-finished materials for furniture, who are ready to approach a new reliable market that needs to update technology and acquire know-how.

The event will be promoted by all sellers and trade operators of Northern and Southern African countries.


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