Slab cutting saws Dumbo
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Slab cutting saws Dumbo

Поставщик: Dumbo srl Товар: #236843467
Slab cutting saws Dumbo

Slab cutting saws Dumbo

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Условия поставки: Бибьена (Италия)


logbandsaw dumbo 1200 - left hand  – anti-clockwise 

-    Flywheel diameter mm 1200
-    Flywheel face mm 140 – blade mm 150x1,2x8300
-    Full cast iron balanced flywheels and grinded band 
-    Electric/hand inclination of the upper flywheel for adjustment of protrusion of blade 
-    Automatic blade-stretcher  
-    Multiple chains carpet for boards unloading and cleaning of headrig near 
-    Electric motor starter 
-    Lubrication by naphta of both flywheels and blade in small basins with absorbent felt placed in the cornerstone of the machine 
-    Squared protection carter with safety shield which cover the blade completely in case of emergency or machine blocked. 
-    Main motor HP 60 V.380/50 with automatic triangle-row 
-    Pulley, belts

log carriage – hydraulic type elephant  1300 cee   
-    Three hydraulic grips  
-    Max hooks opening mm. 900
-    Hydraulic hooks closing 
-    Hydraulic log centrering buffer coincident or singular way
-    “Mudata” electronic thickness divisor linked to axe control: ability to set thickness and cuts programs 
-    Nr. 2 electro-hydraulic log-turner chain-arms, inclination up to 90° to make easier log roll and overturning 
-    Hydraulic progress with variable speed in continue way 
-    Centralized and automatized lubrication system 
-    Drives board at double station with chair.
-    All operation of the carriage can be driven by two multifunction handlebars. In strategic places  some seats are left free for installation of mechanization of completation of the plant .
-    Electric cables  
-    18 mt of plane and profiled rails 8 mt.

Loader at 3 chains with separator
Nr. 02 unloading roller track



Оплата и доставка

Место назначения
Бибьена (Тоскана, Италия)


Компания из Бибьены (Италия)
Foreign Sale Manager
Говорит на языках: Английский, Итальянский, Французский, Испанский

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Slab cutting saws Dumbo
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