Element5 Co.

Element5 Co.


  • 软木锯材厂
  • 從1到10名員工
  • 产品

    • 交叉层压木材 (CLT)
    • 木制搅拌器
    • 木砧板

地点 加拿大 M6K 3E3, 安大略, Toronto, 67 Mowat Ave #114

A revolution in construction has begun, one which will radically change the way in which buildings are constructed now and forever. Started in Europe more than 15 years ago, the revolution is now well upon the shores of North America and other major continents.

Concrete and steel production, upon which we have relied for the last 150 years to build cities, is the leading cause of the world’s current CO2 crisis. As the world rapidly approaches 9 billion people, three times what it was in a less than a single lifetime, our fragile planet is desperate for alternatives. The unifying vision of the those who drive the revolution, Element5 among them, see timber as the essential building material of the 21st century.

Element5 is a small and dedicated team of designers, craftspeople and assembly experts. We serve a community of forward-thinking Architects, Owners, Developers, and General Contractors to help effect change by providing timber construction Cost Consulting, Design Consulting, Engineering, Fabrication and Assembly services. In so doing, we strive to make a positive contribution to communities, the environment and future generations.