Jartek Invest Oy

Mega contract - JARTEK to deliver sorting lines to the world's largest modern sawmill

六月 25, 2020 – Jartek Invest Oy has signed a contract with the Russian company ULK Group LLC for the construction of lumber handling lines to a new Pinezhsky Forest Industry Complex in the Arkhangelsk Region. When finished, the plant will be the largest modern sawmill plant in the world and simultaneously the largest sawmill in Northern Europe. The capacity of the plant will be over two million cubic meters of logs per year with one million cubic meters of lumber and over half a million tons of pellets.

Jartek’s delivery consists of four green sorting lines and three dry sorting lines. The delivery is the largest in Jartek’s history as well as the largest sorting line delivery in Europe. The contract price is tens of millions of euros.

“For a project of this scale, the customer required a trustworthy partner with the ability to deliver the newest and most reliable technology available. Jartek’s extensive experience in Finnish and Russian markets, especially the successful cooperation in the Pestovo sawmill, was a prominent asset in the ULK supplier choice. Moreover, Jartek has founded a new automation enterprise this year and we can offer modern solutions for the process control of the Pinezhsky sawmill.”, says Teemu Uimonen, CEO at Jartek Invest Oy.

The ULK delivery is massive in every aspect. The delivery will include millions of kilograms of steel for machinery and framing, taking up several hundred truckloads. In terms of automation and components, acquisitions will be very significant. The design, manufacturing and installation supervision of the sorting lines will employ multiple subcontractors in addition to Jartek’s own resources. The project in its entirety will last more than three years.