W-Rix Oy


成立 2012


芬兰 FI-21600, Parainen, Betonikuja 5


W-Rix Ltd is a Finnish company which operates worldwide with solutions for industrial, municipal and natural water.

Our main products are AIRIT aerators, MIXIT mixers and COOLIT coolers.

The time and money saving benefits of Waterix device include:

• Waterix products do not have clogging parts, so the ratio remains high throughout the life

• Does not require extensive infrastructure

• Easy and fast to install

• Light structure and pontoons allow installation and maintenance with light lifting equipment

• Installation and maintenance can be conducted without interrupting the process

• Waterix products do not contain on a regular basis interchangeable parts, so maintenance need is minimal

If you have any questions regarding aeration, mixing or cooling, do contact us and we'll do our best to help!