二月 16, 2017

Batibouw 2017 -

Batibouw 2017 - 58-я международная специализированная выставка строительства и интерьера
16 二月 — 二月 26, 2017
联系方式 10:00, 16 二月
电话 18:00, 26 二月
Brussels, 比利时
Place de Belgique, B-1020 Bruxelles, Brussels Exhibition Centre
+32 2/663 14 02

International Specialized Exhibition of Construction and Interior Batibouw 2017 will be held in the Exhibition Centre of Brussels.

Batibouw - one of the largest and well-known area of ​​the exhibition grounds in Europe more than 13, 000 square meters. Batibouw oborudovana with the latest requirements of the international exhibition grounds level. The complex consists of 15 exhibition halls, the total corridor length of over 15 km., The two large auditoriums and several rooms designed for meetings and gatherings.

Vatibouw, which has a history of over 57 years, is one of the oldest, largest and most influential construction and interior design exhibitions in the world. Today international exhibition Batibouw, being one of the leading industry event, which takes place every year.

Despite the economic crisis, it is expected that this year the modernized exhibition center will take on its territory more than 550,000 visitors. More than 2 500 items of new products and services from 1 600 exhibitors are looking forward to you at the exhibition stands.

The largest number of business contacts and important strategic negotiations are taking place in Brussels.

The purpose Vatibouw - present in one venue with maximum efficiency and convenience of the entire range of construction, finishing and interior materials and technological solutions.

Supply and demand from around the world are able to meet in these halls. It is no coincidence that almost all the world's leading manufacturers of construction and interiors industry seeking to participate in this prestigious and strategically important for the exhibition business.

Vatibouw is of interest for Russian companies. Format of the event gives participants the maximum opportunity to promote their goods on the European market.

Visitors can see a large number of goods and services of the highest quality and expensive to quite affordable "consumer goods". During the first two days, open only to professionals in the exhibition will be an important source of information about the latest industry products for architects, designers, contractors, engineers and developers.

Exhibition Sections Vatibouw:

Building materials, engineering systems and equipment

Power Generation and Distribution Equipment

Automation systems and building management, fire safety

Structural materials, lacquers, paints

Machines, tools, instruments for measuring and testing

Air conditioning, heating and ventilation

Plumbing fixtures, doors, windows

Furniture, design, decoration, interior

Lighting devices and systems

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