五月 15, 2019

China Int’l Integrated Housing Industry & Building Industrialization Expo 2019 CIHIE 2019

CIHIE 2019 will be coming on May 15-17,Guangzhou,China. Welcome build your brand image and tap into China’s prefabricated Building market through CIHIE 2019!Please reply this message for more information!
15 五月 — 五月 17, 2019
联系方式 10:00, 15 五月
电话 18:00, 17 五月
广州, 中國
No. 1000, Xingang Dong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou China, Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo
Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.

Review of CIHIE

Staunchly supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Green Prefab Farm House Industry Alliance, CIHIE has successfully established a stable and quality exhibitor base (loyal exhibitors include BBMG, BNBM House, Anyfun Home, Caogen House, Toppre, QiChengDeRui, etc.) with dozens of new enterprises joining us every year.

Exhibition Scope:

1/Prefabricated Building and Prefabricated building industrialization(Prefabricated Concrete Structure,Prefabricated Steel Structure,Wood structure)

2/Prefabricated Building Machinery&Equipment

3/Intelligent system:Prefabricated component design; BIM technology development

4/Passive Buildings

5/Architectural Design: The Latest Concept of Architectural Design

6/Prefabricated building related products:Green Building Materials and Equipment(wall heat insulation materials, exterior wall decorated panel, roof waterproof, roof heat insulation material, heat insulation coatings, fireproof materials, aerated concrete block, ceramsite concrete block, integrated suspended ceiling, roof and vertical greening materials, etc.)