三月 14, 2019

Crimea. Stroyindustriya. Energy saving

The 32nd interregional specialized exhibition "Crimea.Stroyindustriya. Energy saving" will be held from 14 to 16 March 2019 in Simferopol, 75 V Naberezhnaya street, IFC "Gagarinsky"
14 三月 — 三月 16, 2019
联系方式 10:00, 14 三月
电话 18:00, 16 三月
Simferopol, 俄國
Simferopol, Naberezhnaya str., 75 V, IFC "Gagarinsky"
Forum. Crimean exhibitions

We invite you to the construction exhibition in Simferopol.

The 32nd interregional specialized exhibition "Crimea.Stroyindustriya. Energy saving" will be held from 14 to 16 March 2019 in Simferopol, 75 V Naberezhnaya street, IFC "Gagarinsky"

The upcoming exhibition is:

100 participants from 20 regions of Russia and near abroad

3000 m2 of exposition area

10 purchasing companies

5,000 visitors

100 competitive projects of architects

24 hours of business communication

2 conferences

10 seminars, trainings, round tables

For 17 years the exhibition "Crimea. Stroyindustriya. Energy saving", brings together leaders of the construction and energy industries from many regions of the Russian Federation and abroad, is an effective platform for the presentation of goods and services, a place of meetings and business contacts of representatives of the construction, energy industries, science and government agencies, discuss the development of the construction industry and energy in the Crimean region.

The exhibition is well known to Crimean specialists, held since 2002, is characterized by high business activity of visitors.

The event is supported by the Ministry of construction and architecture of the Republic of Crimea, the Ministry of fuel and energy of the Republic of Crimea, the Ministry of industrial policy of the Republic of Crimea, the chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Crimea.


Becoming a participant of the exhibition, you:

* present your products and technologies to a professional audience in the new, promising Crimean market;

* hold negotiations on the supply of their products with the participants of the session of business contacts-more than 10 buyers;

* find new partners and clients among Crimean companies;

• increase your sales.


Negotiations are individual and take place in a one-on-one format between the representative of the supplier/manufacturer and the representative of the buyer. It is planned to participate more than 10 buyers: the Crimean companies-developers, state enterprises of complex supply of construction objects, specialized distribution networks, wholesale bases, distributors, construction companies, design studios. On the part of buyers, only the first decision-makers of the company participate. Suppliers choose to whom from networks or developers to sign up for individual negotiations. We will provide the services of a personal coordinator at the exhibition, so that you have time to hold all the planned negotiations.


Representatives of the Crimean construction companies,

specialists-builders, electricians, power engineers,

the heads of the relevant wholesale and retail trading companies,

distributors, dealers,

design studios and architectural workshops, design organizations,

heads of sanatorium-resort complex of Crimea.


Construction, design companies, manufacturers and suppliers of building materials, electrical products, boiler equipment, automation systems, renewable energy sources.


* Modern building materials and technologies

* Construction machinery

* Windows, doors, roofs, facades

• Metal construction

• Sanitary engineering

• Ecology. Water purification system

* Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

• Boiler equipment

* Electrical and lighting equipment

• Cable and wire products

* Energy conservation and use of non-traditional clean energy sources

* Automation systems, software for construction, energy and electrical industries

We invite you to participate!

Organizing Committee: +7 978 78 178 83, (3652) 54 60 66

E-mail: marketing@expoforum.biz