九月 10, 2019


10 九月 — 九月 13, 2019
联系方式 10:00, 10 九月
电话 18:00, 13 九月
Poznan, 波兰
Glogowska Street 14, 60734 Poznań, Greater Poland, Poland, Poznan International Fair Grounds
Poznań International Fair Ltd.

Drema is a great opportunity for professionals looking for new wood processing technologies. The scope of the fair constitutes a comprehensive offer for the whole industry: from the sawmill sector, through wood processing, up to the production of final products, such as windows, doors or ready-made furniture. Since Drema attracts many international leaders in furniture and wood processing solutions, the show presents offers for both small, medium-sized and large consumers interested in technologies for small-scale and mass production. The latest trends and development directions for the sector will be presented both directly at exhibitors' stands and at conferences and seminars.