三月 11, 2020

Expo-Kama-Lesprom 2020

Specialized Industrial Exhibition
11 三月 — 三月 14, 2020
联系方式 10:00, 11 三月
电话 18:00, 14 三月
423826, Naberezhnie Chelni, 俄國
Avtozavodsky pr., 4A, Exhibition Center Expo-Kama
+7 8552 470102

Equipment, machines and tools for wood processing. Joinery. Furniture for home, office, country house, administrative and public buildings. Furniture fabrics, accessories, paints and varnishes and adhesive materials, components. Mattresses and fillers. Tools and equipment for furniture care. Furniture manufacturing and repair services. Interior design, design and artistic construction. Decorative elements and home decoration.