二月 6, 2018


FIMMA MADERALIA, международная выставка машин и оборудования для деревообрабатывающей промышленности, в 2018 году пройдет 06 - 09 февраля в выставочном центре «Feria Valencia» в г. Валенсия, Испания.
6 二月 — 二月 9, 2018
联系方式 10:00, 6 二月
电话 18:00, 9 二月
46035, Valencia, 西班牙
Av. de las Ferias, 1, 46035 Valencia, Spain, Feria Valencia
Feria Valencia
+963-861-546, 902-747-323

Exhibited products:

equipment for mechanical processing and processing of wood raw materials (production of semi-finished products), wood and wood materials

Surface engineering

Machines for pre-assembly, assembly and packaging of products

Technical means of transportation, warehousing and manning of materials and products


Machines and adaptations for special types of processing (laser, high frequency currents, microwave technology, ultrasound, etc.), manufacturing of special types of products (carpentry products, construction units and timber structures)

Machines, devices and devices for auxiliary works (equipment for cleaning technological chips, mixers and mixers, weight control devices, workbenches, work tables, clamps)

Technical means for utilization of wood waste (wood dust, shavings, scraps, bark)

Safety of work, prevention of fires

IT solutions

Control and measuring devices

Wood and sawn timber, carpentry, wood products