十月 27, 2018

Furniture conference in Moscow 2018

On October 27, Moscow will host a furniture conference that will unite: manufacturers,suppliers, sellers of furniture products and components.
十月 27, 2018, 星期六
联系方式 10:00 电话 18:00
莫斯科, 俄國
Moscow Technopark "Nagatino" Varshavsky highway 28A, Moscow Technopark "Nagatino" Varshavsky highway 28A
+7 928 203-95-74

MebConf-furniture conference that will give a new breath to the industry!

The problem with the furniture industry is that it continues to live on the motives of the 90's, where absolutely

there is no trust and modern, technological solutions.

The market needs digital and non-standard solutions!

We decided to change the situation and invited leading furniture practitioners


The aim is to exchange real experience between manufacturers, suppliers, sellers of furniture and components in Russia and CIS

The Foundation will be the creation of a community of sellers, suppliers and

furniture manufacturer.

We will provoke growth of furniture business, interaction

between its participants and, as a consequence, the increase in profits of the conference participants.

Who and what will be useful MebConf?

* Manufacturers-you will get algorithms for attracting sellers, trends

2018 and 2019 and technologies for their creation.

* Suppliers-you will understand the method of promotion of offline and online store and

learn how to attract a lot of customers cheaply.

* To sellers - you will find reliable partners, will open for yourself technologies of creation

components and already at the conference will be able to sign favorable agreements.

* Networking-it is no secret that in business it is important not how much you know, but who

you know.

Thus you will get answers to the most important questions:

• Promotion

• Production

• Team

• Organization

• Planning

• Trends

Place: Moscow, Technopark "Nagatino»

Time: 10:00-18:00