三月 1, 2017

Furniture technologies, Components, textiles

The international exhibition of materials for production and decoration of the furniture, fittings, mechanisms and components; equipment and instruments
1 三月 — 三月 6, 2017
联系方式 10:00, 1 三月
电话 17:30, 6 三月
基輔, 烏克蘭
2-b, Saliutna Str., Kiev, Ukraine, KievExpoPlaza exhibition center
Kyiv International Contract Fair, LTD
+38 (044) 461 9342

The modern demands to the development of furniture production results from the heightened attention to the aesthetic attraction and functionality of ready-made product. Furniture Technologies, Components, Texiles (MTKT: DeSign in details) exhibition is the only one event in Ukraine that implicates communication area between furniture manufacturers and designers who are looking for materialization of their ideas. The place for representation of new tendencies and new technological facilities in furniture, the starting point of the optimization of furniture manufacture, the location where technologies and materials for interior decisions are offered.