六月 24, 2019

Gabon WoodShow 2019

Gabon Wood, Woodworking & Forestry Show 2019 offers you the chance to meet wood, woodworking and forestry professionals, develop ideas for increasing the range and quality of your business, and learn new techniques and sources of supply.
24 六月 — 六月 26, 2019
联系方式 10:00, 24 六月
电话 18:00, 26 六月
10161, 加蓬
Box 10161, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Jardin Botanique, Libreville, Gabon
Strategic Marketing & Exhibitions
+ 971 56 403 4041

Gabon is a bustling business hub with rapid development and expansion. It is the ideal place for the global wood industry to meet. The exhibition would display the latest products and innovations in the wood and forestry industry in the region.

1 Get special brand recognition and promote through a major regional and international marketing campaign.

2 Learn about the latest industry trends, technologies and innovative products interacting with industry specialists.

3 Make new contacts and expand the reach of your business by meeting important business partners (suppliers, manufacturers, trade associations and institutions).

4 Benefit from an international and regional marketing campaign for your company brand.

5 A good opportunity to conclude business in the field with serious buyers.

6 Gabon enjoys a strategic geographic position in Central Africa, acting as a gateway to a regional market of more than 250 million consumers.

7 The Gabonese government plans to rely on its socio-political stability to become an emerging country by 2025.

8 All the necessary facilities are present, including hotels, public transport, and an international airport.

9 Easy application and approval of online visas.

10 Get closer to the main visitors of the wood industry with purchasing power.


First Wood, Woodworking Machinery & Forestry Equipment specialized exhibition in West and Central Africa

Exhibition venue to be located in the heart of Capital City of Libreville

Total space of 5000 m for the first edition

Expecting 5000+ professional visitors