一月 24, 2017


24 一月 — 一月 27, 2017
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Exhibition "Domestic Construction Materials" (OSM) traditionally opens the annual calendar of building exhibitions in Moscow.

Over the years the exhibition "Domestic building materials" has gained importance for the construction industry to become a major professional event in this area and being, in fact, the only exhibition in Russia, reflecting the realities of the Russian market of building materials.

Today OSM exhibition - the event on a national scale, which, according to organizers and participants, an effective lever for the promotion of domestic products in the consumer market of Russia and aims to support domestic producers.

What is it that distinguishes the exhibition "Domestic building materials" among a large number of construction exhibitions?

Firstly, the concept of the exhibition, confirms its name. For the organizers of the exhibition it was not just a combination of words, but a guide to action. After all, before the advent of this forum is nothing like in the Russian market did not exist. Exhibition OSM - it really is a national Russian project. Unfortunately, in recent years the largest Russian construction trade show less solve the problems associated with the promotion of the domestic market of the national production. The budget of the many activities generated by the participation of foreign exhibitors, so the meaning of these exhibitions in expansion of receipt of imported products, rather than to demonstrate the achievements of the Russian construction industry.

Secondly, the high rotation of the participating companies During the time of the OSM in the exhibition was attended by almost all Russian companies operating currently in the production of building materials. They began to participate in the exhibition as a company-novices just starting to master the rapidly growing market of the construction industry, and today - it is the big companies - industry leaders. Every year the exhibition come new companies that declare themselves to give a quality boost, the momentum for further development.

For the visitors of the exhibition, this feature is very attractive - you can always find a fundamentally new materials and technologies, get acquainted with the production companies and companies just entering the market. Such companies in Russia every year becomes more and more, and products under the brand "Made in Russia" - more popular.

Thirdly, a comprehensive business program, which is an integral part of the exhibition.

increasing the number of participating companies and increase the area of ​​the exhibition ordered firms participating, increasing the quality of the design exhibitions every year. Interesting designs of stands, use of materials and the spectacular landscape provide the funds throughout the exhibition design, decoration worthy of major international events taking place in Moscow.

According to many participants and visitors, the exhibition is always different OSM pleasant, but serious business atmosphere, attentive attitude on the part of the organizers to the participants and guests of the exhibition.

Summing up the past years, we can say with confidence -

"Domestic building materials": mission possible!