九月 19, 2019

Wall & Floorex Expo

19 九月 — 九月 22, 2019
联系方式 10:00, 19 九月
电话 18:00, 22 九月
Cairo, 埃及
2 El-Nasr Rd, Al Estad, Cairo International Convention Centre
+44 1382 843 425

Wall & Floorex is a superior trade fair dedicated to the wall and floor covering industries; set specially to cater for the elevating demand in Egypt and the MENA region. Wall & Floorex will demonstrate today’s and tomorrow’s innovations providing brand-new patterns for construction and infrastructure projects’ start-ups and development; whilst creating extremely attention-grabbing business solutions. Offering a forward-looking business setting to fuel the entire construction and finishing sector within Egypt and the MENA region; Wall & Floorex will present glamorous opportunities for trading opportunities through live networking between international suppliers of wall and floor covering technologies, materials and projects and thousands of exclusive buyers and trade visitors from Egypt and its neighboring countries.