Overall results of Russian forest products industry in 2006. English version.

市場調查四月 2007

Analytical report


Overall results of Russian forest industry in 2006


Language: English

Date of issue:  April, 23,   2007

Number of pages: near 78

Quantity of tables – near 48, quantity of figures – near 48

Type of document: Electronic document                             

Price of Inglish version: EUR  400


The report will include analyze of external economic activity - dynamics of export and import volumes of main kinds of production.


This report is destined for specialists of forest and pulp-and-paper industries. It’s also interesting for professionals making investment decisions in forest industry.


Industry’s general economic review

-          gives reliable current information about results of industrial and economic activities of forest industry in Russia in general and by branches

-          defines progress trends of the industry, of internal and external situation

-          gives information about operating capabilities and financial performance



1.       Russian economy state of affairs in 2006;

2.       Russian timber sector in 2006;

3.       Logging industry;

4.       Timber-processing industry:

4.1.     Sawn timber;

4.2.     Fiberboard;

4.3.     Chipboard;

4.4.     Plywood;

5.       Pulp and paper industry

5.1.     Pulp;

5.2.     Paper:

5.2.1.         News print;

5.3.     Cardboard;

5.4.     Paper bags;

Appendix. Realized and planned investments projects on modernization and introduction of new production capacities at forest industry enterprises

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Sources used:

  • Holding companies, enterprises
  • Administrations of constituent entities of Russian Federation
  • Federal state statistics service  (Rosstat)
  • State customs committee of Russian Federation (GTK RF)
  • Ministry of economic development and trade of Russian Federation
  • Independent rating agency FIRA
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