Russian OSB market research

市場調查三月 2006



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Review of the research

In this work you will find the research results of OSB market development in 2002-2004, including: the current state of affaires and general tendencies of OSB market development, OSB production, import-export, technological state and future trends of development in this segment of industry. Here there is the review of OSB consumption in Russia (it’s regional structure), consumer preferences and segments, main suppliers and importers of OSB. Texts are accompanied by a number of tables (7) and figures (22).


Main conclusions

§          In Russia the internal OSB market is only being formed nowadays, high prices of OSB don’t allow to compete with coniferous plywood.

§          The majority of respondents, potential consumers and distributors, are not well aware of the product quality, and its high prices keep their interest to it.

§          The exception is only Kaliningrad region that is the main consumer of OSB (about 40%) which are free imported From Europe. For the last 3 years distributors actively formed the board market, and at the current moment there is the deficiency of the product.

§          Practically all OSB consumption falls to the share of building industry. Furniture and packing industry don’t use OSB.

§          Moscow region being the largest market in individual house-building is the second largest importer of OSB after Kaliningrad region and it takes up 19,9% from the total import (in 2002-04 it accounted for 10 659.6 cubic meters).

§          OSB production launching and its appearance on the market at the price lower than the plywood’s will allow to increase OSB consumption up to 800 cubic meters per year by 2010 year.



Table of contents

1.       Main conclusions;

2.       General state of affaires:

§          Retrospective dynamic analyze of  OSB demand and supply in Russia;

3.       OSB import to Russia:

§          OSB supply-countries to Russia;

§          Import distribution to regions in Russia;

§          Main exporters;

§          Main importers;

4.       OSB consumption in Russia:

§          Consumer segmentation;

§          Main factors influencing OSB demand;

5.       State of affaires in building industry:

§          Retrospective analyze;

§          Moscow region;

§          Leningrad region;

§          State of the market of real estate;

6.       Market analyze of coniferous plywood:

§          OSB/coniferous plywood – contrastive price analysis;

7.       Outlook of OSB demand and supply in Russia.



Tables and Figures


Table 1.           Main OSB supply-countries;

Table 2.           OSB import distribution to Russian regions;

Table 3.           Main OSB supply-companies to Russia;

Table 4.           Main OSB importer-companies to Russia;

Table 5.           Expected growth capacity in OSB production in Europe, ‘000 cubic meters;

Table 6.           Plywood output in Russia, ‘000 cubic meters;

Table 7.           Evaluation of plywood production in Russia;


Figure 1.         Statistical custom value of OSB import to Russia, $ ‘000;

Figure 2.         Volume of OSB import to Russia, cubic meters;

Figure 3.         Main OSB supply-countries, cubic meters;

Figure 4.         Main Russian importer-regions of OSB, cubic meters;

Figure 5.         Main OSB supply-companies, cubic meters;

Figure 6.         Dynamic of OSB import by main importers, cubic meters;

Figure 7.         Comparative structure of European and Russian OSB prices;

Figure 8.         Growth rate of house-building in 2000-2004;

Figure 9.         Growth rate of house-building in 2000-2004 to corresponding period of the previous year;

Figure 10.     House-building market in Moscow region;

Figure 11.     Growth rate of house-building in Moscow region to corresponding period of the previous year;

Figure 12.     House-building market in Leningrad region;

Figure 13.     Growth rate of house-building in Leningrad region to corresponding period of the previous year;

Figure 14.     House-building market in Kaliningrad region;

Figure 15.     Volumes of house-building and OSB import;

Figure 16.     Growth rate of house-building in Kaliningrad region to corresponding period of the previous year;

Figure 17.     Major producers’ share in coniferous plywood production in Russia, %;

Figure 18.     Plywood production in Russia, 2002-2004, ‘000 cubic meters;

Figure 19.     Evaluation of plywood production in Russia in 2002-2004;

Figure 20.     Share of coniferous plywood deliveries to export and internal market from the total output;

Figure 21.     Evaluation of consumer preferences distribution in Moscow region;

Figure 22.     Outlook for OSB consumption in Russia up to 2010 year.




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