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After an extensive research, AG\\'s team, with valuable experience in the timber and furniture industry created a complete database which is available in the following electronic address: The number of professionals included is almost 17.000 and covers all sectors of the Greek timber and furniture industry. The careful study and development of the database, carried out so far-leads to easy search by using multiple criteria (Company name, Name, Profession, District, etc.) and provides immediate retrieval of the desired information. The search of businesses with other ways can be difficult in Greece but our site provides easy retrieval of addresses. The pages are kept updated continuously offering valid information for the companies in the timber and furniture industry.

Some of the categories included in the portal are: professional machinery equipment, furniture handicraft, wood processing industry, etc.

In addition, there is advertising space for placement of banners and sponsorships where companies can build corporate identity for a very specific target audience in Greece.

Following all new developments and actions is always updated and will present business news, new partnerships and market trends.

The Magazine \\"EPIPLEON\\"

\\"EPIPLEON\\" is a bimonthly magazine with specialty area the wood and furniture industry and is distributed to 20.000 professionals in the domestic market. \\"EPIPLEON\\" is a useful tool and informative medium for all the businesses in this sector. Some of the topics covered in the magazine are:

Financial news & analysis

Research & statistical data as well as market trends

Presentations of businesses in the field

Interviews with professionals and company executives from this specific industry

Business news from Greece, Europe, and the World

Market reports

Raw materials and machinery equipment (news, analysis, presentations)

Design and new trends

Exhibitions (what\\'s taking place, where & when)